The more you know, the more you grow

People are different, we all see things differently. I’ve been reading, listening, and noticing. I wasn’t like this before, I was never one to ask and be curious. I now know why, and I’m overcoming it.

It’s funny you know, the more open I am to different perspectives, the more diverse are the people I’m choosing to surround myself with. People’s different opinions aren’t threats to your own principles, they’re just other insights. A new way to look at something, not necessarily for the purpose of adopting. Additional information is never a bad thing, use it to be more conscious of the decisions you choose to take.

I’ve been brought up to think that it’s dangerous to be curious, but there’s so much more to our existence. Why limit my-self through today’s world's cultural and religious interpretations?

My end game is my well-being. I believe in love and happiness. I believe in growth and achievement. I believe in colours because out all of this, I believe that the world isn’t just black or white.

I sound lost, but it’s beautiful. What is right, what is wrong? Who are we to decide for another?

Who am I? And why am I who I am? My first life coaching session, I went in not knowing what I really wanted. Now, I want it all. And here I am, making it happen.


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