More than meets the eye.

I just finished furnishing my room. I finally have a study table and it’s right in front of the window.

My friend just called me to run an errand together. We’re going to hit the gym after that.

This is the kinda Saturday I’ve been yearning for.

I got my planner by my side. What do I really want?

I’ve been so consumed with worrying about what's next that I haven’t been taking the time to actually enjoy the day.

Here I am working on my blog. One of the many things I’ve been planning on starting.

It’s going to get more complicated that this. Well, not necessarily complicated, but this is just the start.

I’ve been following the ‘Why Not?’ method. I’m fascinated by the concept of figuring things out.

There’s more to me than meets the eye, and it’s time to show it.